IND Visits KW Headquarters in Germany

IND recently had the privilege of being able to visit the KW suspension headquarters in Fichtenberg, Germany. During the visit, we gained a glimpse into the production and assembly processes of the internationally recognized suspension manufacturer. The massive facility, staff and machinery inside was an attest to the quality and development that goes into each suspension system that is produced.

Arriving at the airport in Germany, we were excited to get moving and make the trip to KW’s main facility!

The trip driving to KW headquarters was filled with beautiful German countryside.

¬†Approaching the entrance to the facility, we were greeted by the classic KW color theme that accented the sides of the building. The origin of the purple and yellow color scheme came from an error in the initial anodizing process where parts were delivered with a purple color instead of blue. KW had red springs to pair with the purple anodized components, but they didn’t match and were painted yellow to match the anodized purple.


Upon entering the main lobby and office spaces, there were numerous suspension dampers on display, as well as a display showcasing the results of the salt spray testing that KW dampers undergo in the initial development stages.

There were numerous vehicles present at the facility undergoing installation and testing.

The iconic purple and yellow color theme was present throughout the massive parts storage facility.

Since 1999, KW has developed numerous valve systems of their own, and moved it’s production in-house to their facility in Fichtenberg. In the images below, you can see the raw materials and various components used in the construction of numerous KW suspension kits.

KW carries out the coating of their springs and the dampers for select suspension kits in their own facility. The coated components are then set to cure before being assembled.

With each kit being composed of 400 or more individual components, there are many fabrication and milling machines present.

Below you can see the parts and assembly process for the adjustable damper valving. KW’s patented valve technology allows the end-user to alter how their suspension behaves based on their needs. On the compression and rebound adjustable kits, each parameter can be independently adjusted, which is not the case with. other suspension kits.

The completed production of each individual component is finalized with assembly, final testing and packaging.

The packaging station was fully equipped to handle large volume of kits being shipped out all over the world. Each kit is inspected to ensure that the components of each kit are present within the packaging before shipping out.


Having been exposed to the environment that each KW kit is produced in, and the processes that take place to ensure functionality and quality was a highly educational and eye-opening experience.

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