IND Distribution creates the first Carbon Fiber roof for the E82 1M

The 1M is every bit a BMW M car, offering eye-opening acceleration, great steering feel, and chassis dynamics that have still not been rivaled by any other manufacturer, even after decades of second-best efforts from the likes of Audi, Mercedes, and others. There is only one feature of the modern M car missing from the 1M, and that is the now-trademark carbon fiber roof.

IND moved forward with our E82 carbon roof project after seeing some interest among the community. We created the tooling earlier last month, and just yesterday saw our first production-ready piece.

As we expected, the finish of the roof is absolutely beautiful, and the piece is extremely light weight at just over 10 lbs. Our carbon manufacturer is located here in the USA and is a supplier to many major race teams in various closed top and open wheel classes across the U.S.

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