F85 X5M | F86 X6M Red Start/Stop Button DIY

IND Red Start / Stop Button

F85 X5M / F86 X6M 

F80 M3 / F82 M4

F10 M5 / F1X M6 


Tools Required:
-Pry tool
-Tweezers or two small flat heads to release button tabs

1. Open the passenger glove box so you can access the back of the dash trim.

2. The center dash trim is held in by a series of metal clips that you will need to release so you can access the back of the factory Start/Stop button

3. To completely remove the dash trim you will need to disconnect the emergency flash button, driver assistants and Start/stop switch.

4. Using a T20 you will remove the 3 bolts connecting the start/stop switch to the dash trim.

5. Remove the back cover of the switch. There is a series of plastic tabs that you need to release.

6. This is the only tricky part of a simple DIY. There is two tabs holding the button to the switch. Once you release the tabs the button will slide right out of the switch (tweezers required)

7. With the Red button now in place you can install the switch back into the dash trim. The bolt tabs are plastic and we recommend threading them by hand (T20).


8. Red Start/Stop button is now in place and we can reinstall the dash trim.

9. Before clicking the dash trim back into place you will need to reconnect the emergency flash button, driver assistants and Start/Stop switch (Make sure all 3x connectors are clicked back in place correctly)

10. Now with all connectors in place you can click the dash trim back into place. Line up the metal tabs and insert them back into the dash.

11. Enjoy! 

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